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Building Bigger Futures for our clients and investor partners in Exciting New Chicago Residential and Mixed-Use Developments

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At LD2, development of exceptional new construction residential and mixed use properties in Chicago’s urban neighborhoods is our passion!

Demand for distinctively designed quality new construction multifamily and single family homes continues to grow.

New developments are being spec’d with ever higher levels of design, finishes and technology. The differences between quality new construction and older homes becomes more strikingly apparent every day. Older homes and multifamily developments are becoming functionally obsolete at a faster rate than ever before and updating them to new designs and specifications is expensive and often impractical, since the results will never compare favorably to quality new developments.

If you have a project in mind for your site, or would like to talk about possible development strategies, we look forward to helping you to refine your vision and make it a reality. We’re all about collaboration. 

If you are an investor with a long term vision who wants their investments to be a bit more hands on, without getting your hands dirty, you’ve come to the right place! There is tremendous satisfaction in watching your visions being built.

Since many of our projects are smaller or mid sized developments, we can often structure projects with a single investor or a small group of investors. This allows us to tailor each investment to the individual investors and offer a much greater degree of control than is possible with large funds or syndications.

Why Multifamily?


At LD2 Development Inc. , we love the process of designing and building exceptional projects for our clients and investor partners that will stand the test of time and be incredible assets that build equity and wealth.

Our Goal is for each purchaser or resident who moves in to one of our new projects to be thrilled and for our clients and investor partners to not only love the results, but to enjoy every step of the process.

Benefits of investing in building residential and mixed use real estate development include:


Historically Proven Investment

Multifamily residential development and investment is an exciting and historically proven way to create wealth, passive income and to capitalize on tax-advantages.


Exceptional Tax Benefits

Exceptional tax benefits include the fact that capital gains on sale are taxed at lower rates than regular income and that multifamily investments can be depreciated every year and passive income is subject to lower tax rates.


Shortfall In Supply

Demand for new construction homes (both rental and for sale) is strong because older homes are now functionally obsolete, but there is currently a huge shortfall of supply in the market that will take at least several years for increasing production to meet.


Size Matters

At LD2, we have the depth and expertise to handle any size development project, but we are small enough to tailor each project and investment structure to the individual client or equity investor.

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Build Wealth as a Passive Investor in Exciting Chicago Residential and Mixed-Use Development

LD2 Development Inc.

Building bigger futures through investment strategies fосuѕed оn Chicago residential and mixed-use new construction development.


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