Building Futures

Probably releasing 2 new books in the same month is not the best strategy, but hey, what can I say!

The books are really written for 2 different audiences.

Don’t Buy a New House! BUILD IT

Is written for people who are interested in buying a new house, but are having trouble finding what they want. I wanted to show them that right now is actually a great opportunity for them to take advantage of the best market I’ve ever seen to build their own custom house and how they’ll be creating wealth in the process.

My other book:

Don’t Buy Multi-Family! BUILD IT

Was just released. Is written for investors interested in multi-family income properties who are finding that none of the properties that are on the market now make sense. There is more and more competition to buy properties that are really marginal investments at best.

Meanwhile, developers are putting up new apartment towers, offices and condos as fast as they can build them.

I’ve been in real estate and development for 35 years now and I’ve never seen a better time for investors to build new construction investment properties.

This book will show you can take advantage of it. Here’s a link to get the book on Amazon:

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