Building Futures

So you’ve decided you want to invest in multi family properties, but you don’t want to put on a tool belt and be the handyman.

That’s the whole point of my new book:

Don’t Buy Multi-Family! BUILD IT

Whether it’s an owner occupied 3 unit, or a bigger investment property, any apartment building you buy is going to need some work. If it’s in great condition, the price will be so high that you can’t make any money on it.

What people don’t realize is that they can own a brand new investment properties and get great returns by building their own new construction buildings.

And you don’t need to be a contractor. In fact most developers are not. There are plenty of professionals out there who are ready to help you do it.

If you’re just starting out with a smaller owner occupied building, you’ll get yourself a great new home and an income stream to help pay down your mortgage without the headaches of owning an older building that constantly needs work.

Right now, there’s huge demand for new construction units and rents are at all time highs. That’s why you see big developers putting up high rise rental buildings just as fast as they can right now.

And that’s why you should follow their lead!

My new book:

Don’t Buy Multi-Family! BUILD IT

is a short read, but it will show you how you can get started building new multifamily properties.

Today I’m giving away a few free ebooks from the link below.

If you’ve been looking at buying older properties, Check it out.

You’ll learn a much better way invest in income properties.

Once you understand the numbers, you’ll never think of buying older properties again.

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