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“Stop Fetishizing Old Homes”

Maybe you’d say; “hey, I like all the old designs and finishes and a bit of wear and tear gives it that lived in character that some people find comforting.

For sure that’s true and I’d say; first and foremost, get a house that’s going to make you happy. As long as you understand that you aren’t really saving money by buying an older house.

I mean, If you’ve been shopping for an older home, you already know that if designs and finishes in the house are getting older, you expect to pay less because it’s going to need things replaced and updated.

Of course if you plan correctly, you can recoup money you spend on renovations, but if not money spent fixing up an old house may not be recovered when you sell.

As a professional, I just want people to understand how they can get the best financial results from their investment.

Financially, assuming that you can afford it, a new construction home is a much better investment.

If you take a look at my YouTube channel , you’ll see video with a comparison of buying a re-sale house to a new house or a new custom house. (from: Don’t Buy a New House! BUILD IT)

It’s not really that hard to figure out if you just add up and extrapolate your costs over the time you’ll own the house and then look at what you can hope to sell it for.

In any case, most people prefer living in new construction because it has the amenities & finishes they want and they don’t have to worry about a lot of maintenance or repairs.

And I can’t think of one person I’ve met over the years that didn’t prefer making money on their house when they sell it. And it’s really not that hard to do if you plan ahead.

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