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6 Unit RT4- Condo/Rental Lincoln Park

Classic Chicago Brick 6 unit – 3 Story + Basement stands the test of time has In this hot area, these luxury condo units are in big demand. Nicely finished condos in good locations often are mostly sold out before construction is complete.

6 unit buildings are a bit more efficient than 3 unit  buildings since the entrance and stairs are shared between more units. Floorpans are also improved because the units can be a bit wider in front and back.

Because units are oriented back to back masonry costs are lower (saves 2 exterior side walls, replaced with 1 demising wall) as compared to two separate 3 unit buildings. 

Status:    Proposed – Updated Sep 2022

Property Type:        Residential

Sub-Type:           6 Unit Condo/Rental

Building Size:        10,000 SF 

Document List For Investors


Rental Scenario – Pro-Forma  2022-23