Building Futures

Hybrid work is the buzz phrase right now in HR and recruiting. And of course, a lot of us are spending time working from home now but to employees, hybrid means they want flexibility in their schedule. Rather than a fixed schedule where it’s like, okay on these days you come into the office and these days you work from home, they want to be able to come and go when they want. Hiring talented people is very challenging right now in almost every industry. Much like in real estate, we have a sellers market for job seekers and employers are finding that they need to step up their game in order to attract top talent and that means to provide the right work environment. People in the workforce now are expecting to be treated like adults who are capable of making good decisions about when they need to be in the office and when they can get more done at home or from another remote location. Top companies, those are the ones that win awards for best places to work and things like that, they realize that a good hire is going to thrive with this flexibility and that that’s the person that they want to hire for the growth of their company. If you’re interested in investing or building, developing for yourself, even if it’s in a small way, it’s really important to understand the deeper trends that are driving the market. And just like in trading stocks or anything else, profits are made by riding that wave of the trend and that’s the way you do it.